domingo, 26 de mayo de 2013

About Myself

What would my Infant Education teacher say if she saw me right now? I am thirty-six years old and I am from a little town called Castellón. I graduated with a Degree in Law and I worked as a lawyer for a couple of years. Although I came to be very involved in environmental law, my lifelong passion for music, made me focus on the piano. I came to the Balearic Islands to work as a piano teacher and it was then, that I discovered my second passion, Education. I soon realised I had never been given a good insight into it. Despite my efforts, I needed to improve and here I am, back at University! Since I started Infant Education, I’ve been able to put into practice what I’ve been taught. Indeed, I’ve started noticing wonderful little changes in our Music School and I feel very pleased about that. I am really looking forward to learning enough to achieve my goal, which is as simple as feeling proud of being a good teacher.


This video was made by Delia Bravo using her own pictures, also made by herself.

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